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We find happiness in our everyday life. Our daily lives of having dinner time with all family members gathered together, drinking beer with friends, strolling in the park with children and a dog, etc. are accumulated to give us colorful lives. As the depth of those meaningful lives become deeper and deeper, our lives become more special and authentic. VIA TOV prioritizes the value of authentic beauty with its identity to design art furniture. Through the experience with the piece that is being accumulated over time, we are trying to make our own unique story, adding joy and specialness in our everyday life so that we can bring a new atmosphere with the depth of our days.

VIATOV is Seoul-based design studio. Designer Edward Shin is a businessman and self-taught designer who designs and runs his business at the same time. He prioritizes the value of authentic beauty focusing on the form, function, precision and details counterbalanced with human needs. He draws inspirations from the classics, traditions and contemporary designs and reinterprets with unexpected materials mixing and embodying the essence, history and timeless aesthetics in his own ways. He designs furniture for spaces to reintroduce beauty and intension to the object bringing a new atmosphere with the depth of the own unique story.

VIATOV is made by putting two words “VIA” and “TOV” together. VIA means 'road' 'street' in Italian and TOV means 'good, beautiful, best, precious, prosperity, wealth' in Hebrew. VIATOV is our vision that toward the higher artistic vision, we are continuously seeking to push the boundaries of creativity to design art furniture. We hope to make the space a little more precious, meaningful and aesthetic with our design.